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All round essential oil

I use this oil for a natural fragrance for natural cleaning solution and great for self care too
Carolyn Smith, Cornwall

Loyalty reWard Program

We are offering a customers loyalty reward program. By signing up to an account you will be able to shop online via out store and earn loyalty points on every purchase over £5.00. You will be given a number of loyalty reward points depending on the value of your purchased order value.  The points / cash ratio is currently set to 0.50p for every £5.00 spent per order. The reward points can be redeemed on subsequent orders or saved up for larger purchases. They can also be used to give store credit.

Example: A crystal costing £30.00 will earn you £3.00 in reward points.  £30/£5=6 so reward point 0.50p x 6=£3.00
1. Shop
Brows our online store and add your selected products to your shopping cart.
2. Checkout 
Checkout your selected products by filling in the customer account form and select your preferred way of purchase, either via PayPal or collect in store. Once your purchases are successful you can check your order and account details on the my account page. You can also see your Loyalty rewards section here.
3.Redeeming Your Rewards
Your loyalty reward points can be redeemed on subsequent orders or saved up for larger purchases. You can redeem the points by logging in to your account and selecting loyalty rewards. Here you can select the amount of reward points you wish to use on the next purchase. You will also see your total purchase values, total redeemable points available and total points used.

Please Note:

  • A minimum purchase vale of £5.00 is required to generate loyalty reward points.
  • A minimum £15.00 order value is required to use your redeemable loyalty reward points.
  • White Light Gifts Online have the rights to amend and remove reward point with out notice from your account at ant time.
  • White Light Gifts Online also have the rights to amend the values relating to our reward point program and all values for generating and redeeming your reward points at the checkout.